Monday, April 16, 2012


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The following is the list of events and activities for this week:

- Adoration and Benedictions this evening at 6:30pm with Father Sam.
- Choir Practice on Thursdays at 7pm in Building 13, at the RE Complex.
- Stations of the Cross this Friday at 6:30pm at the Good Shepherd Chapel followed by our traditional "Soup and Bread." This week is sponsored by the USHERS/GREETERS. Parishioners are welcome to bring their soups any Friday during Lent.
- Living Stations of the Cross play REHEARSAL this Saturday from 9-12pm at the Good Shepherd Chapel.
- St. Patrick's Day Celebration this Saturday from 6:30pm-?? at the RSO Conference room. Sign up today and bring a side-dish on Saturday!
- CCD on Sunday at 1130am at the RE complex.
- Coffee and Theology and RCIA sessions on Sunday at 11:30am at the RSO Conference room.
- MCCW Faith Study on Mondays at 9am, Building 13. Childcare is provided.
- Knitting Class on Mondays at Noon in the activity room. Contact Fran Simpson for more information at
- Study of the Gospels on Tuesdays at 7:30pm in the activity room.

Daily Mass on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11:30am.

This week's bulletin is here!!! Visit this link

YOUTH MINISTRY: "Fear Factor" Party with a filled evening of fun games, dancing and food on March 24 at 6:30pm at the RSO for high school teens! Do you dare to participate? Sign up today at

EMEs AND LECTORS Training on March 21 after Adoration at 7:30pm at the Good Shepherd Chapel.This is a mandatory training.

LIVING STATIONS OF THE CROSS PLAY: We are still looking for actors/actresses for St. Michael's Living Stations of the Cross. Contact us today at

HISTORY OF THE CHURCH: We will not have "History of the Church Conference" for the next two weeks. Classes will resume on March 27, 2012 at 11:30am. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Monday, March 5, 2012


Tomorrow's History of the Church session has been CANCELLED. Our facilitator Father Joseph Lea received a last minute assignment out of town tomorrow. He asked me to share with you his most sincere apologies. Also, for your information, Ch. Lea will be on leave from March 8-21. So, there will be NO History of the Church sessions on March 13 and March 20. Sessions will resume on March 27 at 11:30am.

Please, mark your calendars and let me know if you have any questions. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We are looking forward to seeing you on March 27th at 11:30am.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


St. Patrick's Day is almost here!! As you already know, we will celebrate St. Patrick's Day on Saturday March 17 at 6:30pm at the RSO Conference Room. We will have chicken, steaks, pork chops, drinks and dessert. Please bring a side dish. Sign up today at the activity room, or contact the PLC at

PS: Don't forget to wear green!!

Important Car Seat Safety Standard!!!!

Please pass this on to family and friends. Parishioner Mrs. Maria Colon shared the great tips with us! Thank you!!!

9 Lifesaving Car Seat Rules You're Probably Ignoring
Posted by Christie Haskell on August 26, 2010 at 1:15 PM

Now that you have a seat and it's safely installed (right?), the next step is making sure you're using the car seat correctly. After all, even the most expensive car seat, installed correctly, doesn't work at all if the baby isn't strapped in right.

So let's get started!

Rule #1: Make Sure Shoulder Straps Are in Proper Position

When baby is rear-facing, the top of the shoulder straps have to be at or below the baby's shoulders. When forward-facing (which your baby shouldn't be), they need to be at or above. This is measured perpendicular (at a right angle) from the recline of the back of the seat, not from the ground. When in doubt, put a popsicle stick into the slot with your baby in the seat to check -- sometimes the fabric of the seat can make it hard to tell where the strap really is.

Rule #2: Rear-Facing Is the Responsible Choice

Unless your child has serious medical problems, they have to rear-face until they literally cannot anymore. With all the new, cheaper seats with 40-pound or higher rear-facing limits, it's possible for anyone to have a seat that will keep their child rear-facing until the bare minimum of 2 years old and 30 pounds, as per the AAP's improved guidelines. But as they state, 2 years is the bare minimum -- your child is still significantly safer rear-facing until you cannot fit them that way any longer. After all, it's 500 percent safer.

Children's heads are a significantly larger portion of their body than an adult's and their spines are initially cartilage -- not bone. In the event of an accident, if their overly large head pulls on the weak spine (which doesn't fuse and harden until around 4 years old), they will likely suffer from internal decapitation -- this means that the cartilage and spinal cord inside their neck snap and they die instantly. It takes a serious medical problem to make that risk worth forward-facing a toddler before you absolutely have to. (I don't want to scare anyone -- this is all to help us keep our kids as safe as we can.)

Rule #3: No Gaps Allowed Between Baby's Crotch/Groin Area and Harness

This is really only an issue with newborns, but an important one. If there is a gap between crotch and harness buckle, roll up a washcloth or receiving blanket and put it in a upside-down U shape, with the middle between baby's crotch and the harness and the rest lying flat between the legs. This is one of the only "add-ons" allowed. When in doubt, call the manufacturer.

Rule #4: Be Sure the Chest Clip Is Positioned Properly on the Chest

The chest clip belongs between the nipples and armpits. This positions the straps so your child doesn't fly out of the seat -- and can cause damage when placed anywhere else.

Rule #5: Know the Proper Guidelines for Outgrowing a Seat

Outgrowing a seat has nothing to do with legs touching the seat. There has never been a case of legs breaking from touching the seat and even if there were -- would you choose for your child to break their legs or their neck? Only one of those can be fixed. Your child has outgrown a seat in weight when they reach the max limit for that position. This is non-negotiable. When rear-facing, your child has outgrown their seat in height when there is less than an inch of the hard shell left at the top of the seat above your child's head. This is measured perpendicular to the seat's recline. However, there is a new seat that has different guidelines -- so be sure to read the manual for your seat!

See how the strap can be pinched?
That means it's too loose.Rule #6: Straps Need to Pass "The Pinch Test"

The old rule of "two fingers under the chest clip" is outdated and resulted in straps that were way too loose. When straps are too loose, the child can fly out of the seat, or get stuck halfway and break god-knows-what.

The new rule is to first pull any slack tight from the lap-portion, and then pinch the straps at the collar bone (your fingers are pinching top-to-bottom as shown here). If you're able to pinch the strap, it's too loose.

Rule #7: Coats Are Not Allowed

A cop reports seeing a coat strapped into a seat, even after the child who had been wearing it flew out of it. Coats are not safe in car seats and almost all manufacturers have this rule in their manual as well. To understand why, place your child in a coat and put them in their seat and tighten the straps properly. Without loosening the straps, remove your child and remove their coat. Now place them back in the seat. That is how much room your child would have once the coat compressed under pressure, much like how you can squish a pillow if you sit on it. If there is more than a tiny bit of extra slack (like the difference between sweatpants and stretch pants), the coat is too bulky. Instead, try taking your child's coat off right before putting them in the seat, buckling them in quickly, and then putting their coat back on them backward. I also keep blankets in my car for safety in case I'm stranded, as well as for the kids to use in winter. I even just bought two patterns of the Kid Snuggie ($14.99 to $26.99) at Toys R Us for both of my children to use while in the car, or you can buy a car seat poncho.

Rule #8: RTFM (Read the #^!&ing Manual)

Most car seats have a specific location for the manual on the seat so that it's kept with it at all times. That's because almost every single question you could have is listed in that little booklet, and the manufacturer's number is there for anything else. Use it. Even car seat pros utilize this booklet. Every single car seat is different with different rules, and this booklet (or the PDF of it online if you lost yours) is your golden ticket to proper car seat usage.

Rule #9: When in Doubt, Get Help

Skip the fire stations and police department -- they mean well, but often are no more trained than you are. Contact SafeKids at their website or at 1-866-SEAT-CHECK.

There is no shame in asking for help, but there is shame in letting your ego or embarrassment stop you from making your baby as safe as they possibly can be.

EWTN Broadcast of "I Thirst" Concert

Watch the concert on

- March 16 at 6pm EST
- March 30 at 2am EST
- April 6 at 2:30pm EST

Friday, February 24, 2012


A few of reminders for this weekend.

- Stations of the Cross will be tomorrow Friday at 6:30pm at the Good Shepherd Chapel followed by our traditional "Soup and Bread." Parishioners are welcome to bring their soups any Friday during Lent.

- Youth Mass this Sunday at 10am. All youth of the parish are encouraged to participate in this Mass (singing, playing instruments, ushers/greeters, lectors). (

- Welcome Sunday this Weekend!! Join us for breakfast as we welcome the new families and single soldiers. Breakfast will be served in the activity room right after Mass. (

- CCD is back this Sunday!

- Coffee and Theology and RCIA sessions on Sunday at 11:30am at the RSO Conference room.

- Confirmation Workshop for Confirmandi this Sunday from 1-3pm in building 13. (

- MCCW Faith Study will NO meet this Monday due to their Monthly Program! (

These and other announcements can be found in our parish bulletin. This weekend's bulletin is online now! Don't miss it at